At AeroFit we specialize in one thing, the science behind aerodynamic bike optimization. We build our custom analysis around aerodynamic bike fitting, physiological testing, nutrition and a unique fit philosophy.

Although most of our clients are triathletes looking to maximize their efficiency while reducing bike times, our methods and programs can be customized and applied to other cycling sectors such as time trials and road cycling. Come see what elite athletes in the Triangle are experiencing to be optimized. Be AeroFit.

E. Rasco

3rd fastest female bike split at Ironman Lake Placid 2016

  • Wattage Output Increase
  • Bike Time Improvement
  • Split Time Reduction

K. Wessinger

40w improvement between Ironman Lake Placid (July) and Ironman Chattanooga (September) 2016.  1st off bike + slot to Kona.

E. Reid

3rd Amateur overall Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2014. Won age group and bike split time by 30′.

J. West

11′ improvement over 90km.  2nd off bike at Ironman North Carolina 2016

Aerodynamic Bike Fit + Performance Optimization


  • Current bike assessment, bike positioning and equipment optimization
  • Aerodynamic position optimization using Retul fit bike
  • Morphology, flexibility, and foot structure assessment
  • Drivetrain friction assessment and optimization
  • Cleat and shoe interface analysis and optimization
  • Saddle interface assessment, saddle selection, and adjustments
  • Helmet and clothing assessment and optimization
  • Nutrition, hydration and storage equipment assessment and optimization
  • Detailed post-fit aerodynamic impact assessment
  • Post-fit ride-along technique assessment and position analysis
  • Pre and post-fit analysis with video, pictures and comprehensive post-fit report

+ Additional Services


  • Customized system for Time Trial and Road Bike (mass start and ITU racing)
  • Ride-along service with technique assessment, in-ride aerodynamic adjustments, and recommendations
  • Service course maintenance treatment with Pre-“A” race extensive bike cleaning and overhaul with mechanical friction and rolling resistance optimization
  • Physiological testing services including max power testing and power training zones assessment and recommendations
  • Run gain analysis including form assessment with post-run video, pictures, and comprehensive report

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